The secrets of a successfull story

This story began when a young shoemaker decided to perform one of the most difficult wizardry ever: to help children by creating something that had never existed before. Thus a little shoe was born, enough robust to protect, comfortable for travel and so beautiful to dream. This magic has crossed summers and winters, endured the incessant passing of time and accompanied (driven) many children in the adventurous journey of growing up. This story begins every time a little foot fits perfectly into a little shoe, magically created by the expert hands of craftsmen who passionately sew, cut and imagine the thousands and thousands of kilometers that their creations will have to travel. Once upon a time there was this story, and it will continue to exist forever. This is the story about Zecchino D’Oro’s magic.
The love for children is like a starting point and a production target. That's a so shapable love able to be the rhythm and any colours of every people's life. This passion is always and always giving a sort of new life every season enabling us to lead a long road like a symbol of evolution, rich surprises and moving discoveries. Firma_About

5 August 2020

Zecchino d’Oro Showroom

Come to discover the Zecchino D’Oro showroom at Via Cerva 30, Milan. You’re more than welcome!