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Collection Spring Summer 2017

Glittering elastic



How nice to be able to put your shoes on by yourself! Thanks to Velcro, the locking straps are the best choice!

Enamelled buckles

To add a detail with a country, rock, medieval or western-flavored taste, here are the brass buckles with a glazed surface!

Hand made bows

It is one of the most striking and unique decorations, feast for the eyes. Made entirely by hand by expert hemmers using skin or crust of different colors and finishes. The ribbon highlights the creativity and imagination of the designer Zecchino d'Oro.


What's more practical to allow mom and dad to wear quickly and conveniently the shoes of their kids? But Zecchino d'Oro went over the function, using this accessory also to make modern and practical sneakers and boots.

Add-on Fringes